And finally I create an “About” Page.

My name is Kashaf. I’d love to keep it there, nothing like I don’t like my last name. More like I love to be called informally: Kashaf. Many people would pronounce it wrong, it’s alright. Well, since a different name it is, I’ll tell you what it means.

Kashaf means “the blooming of roses” and also, once out of doubt when I translated it from Arabic to English on Google, it turned out to be “Searchlight”.

I just turned 18, this May [2016].  I am very much NOT like the conventional girls. I can’t be stereotyped as one. I have been, and still am, to some extent, a Tomboy. I like being rough, noisy, boy-like. I dream of travelling everywhere, alone probably. According to my sign, I am supposed to be a loner inside. But maybe I am, only from inside, with the heap of trust issues. From the outside, I am an outspoken, bubbly, mischievous, talkative, fun-loving person. It’s really easy for me to approach a stranger and have conversations.

I am a technology freak, I will be starting my Engineering soon enough. I have loved to write since I was around 10. Which basically was a consequence of reading books. I can sing really, very well. I have won singing competitions at school.

I like playing football in the rains. Hell, I love rains itself! I am a complete monsoon person. The type who gets excited and all starry-eyed when it rains. I do cry because rains mean an attack of nostalgia.

I am an insomniac, a fatigued person through the day. I suffer from hypo-tension and thus, Migraine.

I am a Stubborn Bull. I hang, no, I keep swaying between extreme conservative and extreme rebellious thoughts.

People say I have a good smile.

Oh! Oh! And I am a BIG Harry Potter fan. A big Pretty Little Liar fan, and a big Shahrukh Khan fan.

Yeah, and I love cats. I have one living inside of me probably.

And I don’t believe in  the concept of love, not anymore.

I know this page is keeping on getting more and more random…

Do let me know, if you guys wanna know something out of me. I am an easy person and really cool with any sort of questions. To the Contact Page

Only please maintain decency! 🙂

That’s all I could think of!