Yesterday, at this very moment I was wet with the heat of Mumbai, my eyes creased down to a thin line, and my water bottle empty after having re-filled it twice. I was eating a Frankie (it is what rolls and wraps are called locally here) full of schezwan and cheese (which, for the record, … Continue reading SUMMER IV-[POTTERMANIA]



I had seen every color the moon possessed. It was yellow, golden, grey and silver-my favorite. It had so many shapes, one or each day. It was like a slice of melon, bitten one layer off every day. We would then have the smiling moon, the whitest silver, crescent, and the next half month it … Continue reading INSOMNIA


A mere few weeks in the house, summer had taken over the soft mattresses, couches and sofas, leaving me with the cool tiles and marble floors. She had eaten up all my favorite heavy foods- eggs, fats, meat and I went back to fruits and yogurt! She refused to switch off the fans and air … Continue reading Summer-II


That day, it started. My house was called “the equatorial” It was suddenly unbearably hot. I knew what was about to happen. And it did. The doorbell rang. It ringed in my ears like an echo. My brains jingled at the sound. Relenting, I walked over to the front door. Smiling into the door eye … Continue reading Summer-I