A Questionnaire For The Sad

What is so enticing about darkness? Why do we run into the shadows? Are we swept off our feet by the melancholy? Or do we crave the still and silent misery?   Is it true, with our hearts, the pain ends? Or is there a magic spell to stop our sorrows? Will we get out … Continue reading A Questionnaire For The Sad


Roaring Thunder & Bolts Of Lightning

The thunder woke me up. I thought my insomnia had left for good, it was monsoon... Give me a break! The thunder was louder now that I was awake. I yawned a big yawn and stretched my arms outside the blanket. Grrr. It was cold. And as if teasing me, the wind blew right over … Continue reading Roaring Thunder & Bolts Of Lightning

Every Drop [MONSOON I]

And a drop fell on bridge of my nose, where the glasses had been missing. A big smile crossed my face as the dark clouds took their positions over my head. Something started building up inside me starting with the gut. The smile only widened as more drops fell, and soon I was standing in … Continue reading Every Drop [MONSOON I]