Smoked You Out

I smoked you out of my system. Your ashes are the only remains. I choke on them when I breathe your air, I choke on them when I dance in the rains. I smoked you out of every memory, A whole white cloud, it gracefully disappears, The flames burnt in me for long, But with … Continue reading Smoked You Out


Slaughtered Past

That different girl I used to be, The dead corpse inside of me, That past lost in the blood, The moments in my eyes, a flood. I still go back to those days, I still tread in the darks of that place, I still see a glint of faint light, But never see it enough, … Continue reading Slaughtered Past

Roaring Thunder & Bolts Of Lightning

The thunder woke me up. I thought my insomnia had left for good, it was monsoon... Give me a break! The thunder was louder now that I was awake. I yawned a big yawn and stretched my arms outside the blanket. Grrr. It was cold. And as if teasing me, the wind blew right over … Continue reading Roaring Thunder & Bolts Of Lightning

(Summer-III)/Throw Away Sunday!

The disORDER of things   Today, after half a decade, I scavenged through the old and dusty drawers. To no surprise, I was suddenly reminded of how much I loved art!! I sat on the bedroom floor cross legged, much like my faded memory of myself and some so called friends sitting and playing with … Continue reading (Summer-III)/Throw Away Sunday!