A Questionnaire For The Sad

What is so enticing about darkness? Why do we run into the shadows? Are we swept off our feet by the melancholy? Or do we crave the still and silent misery?   Is it true, with our hearts, the pain ends? Or is there a magic spell to stop our sorrows? Will we get out … Continue reading A Questionnaire For The Sad



Read Travelogue-An Introduction and TRAVELOGUE – 1 the previous parts to the second installment!!!   She smiled, happily hummed away a song as she made herself a crown, sturdy enough to last days. She was dressed in white silk and lace, all beautiful and charming, she knew they’d come. She knew they’d come to her, … Continue reading TRAVELOGUE- II

Fusion Beats Collabs with The Strix

Blue. Orange. Purple. Red. Yellow. It all went so well together, I thought. It really did look like the sunset. With one last stroke of my pencil, I smiled and got off the floor. I was careful not to step on the colored pencils that were scattered around where I had been working for the … Continue reading Fusion Beats Collabs with The Strix

The Strix: Hope

Here’s to those who live by in this world one day at a time doing what the world asks of them. Who turned a struggle into an addiction and desire into compulsion. Those who spend every night on their bed, mind drowned in thoughts, heart unwanting to beat. . . You hold onto your wait … Continue reading The Strix: Hope

Every Drop [MONSOON I]

And a drop fell on bridge of my nose, where the glasses had been missing. A big smile crossed my face as the dark clouds took their positions over my head. Something started building up inside me starting with the gut. The smile only widened as more drops fell, and soon I was standing in … Continue reading Every Drop [MONSOON I]

love, just that!

Ek ladki thi deewani si, ek ladke pe who marti thi, Jab bhi milti thi mujhse, mujhse pucha karti thi, Yeh pyaar kya hota hai? Yeh pyaar kaise hota hai?   I know it’s for the first time, I wrote some Hindi on this blog. This is a dialogue from an awesome movie called “Mohabbatein” … Continue reading love, just that!

The Train back Home

  A ride I never wish for, A place I don’t wanna go, The magnets in me keep repelling, They are attracted to the unknown. They call me off, away. This ride gets me restless, I don’t wanna reach home safe at the end of the day, If home is where I finally go. People … Continue reading The Train back Home

I Grew Up!

I Grew Up! The 17 years, 364 days, 23 hours young girl sat on her bed with her teddy bear in her hand. She pretended to dress it up with her scarf, while listening to all the Avril Lavigne songs possible. She was listening to 17 last year this time because she was turning 17. … Continue reading I Grew Up!


Him, that came my way, Because no one can love us like we do, I, who could never say enough, that I love you. Together we, will always stay! MY FIRST FLASH FICTION [A REAL STORY STILL] He sat there, so dissolved in the background, so invisible in this flashy place. He was there too … Continue reading HIM, THAT CAME MY WAY!

Strings: Broken And Burnt

Broken Strings They were then. All the strings that loosened up, Because the love was never enough, All the promises that we broke, No longer hurts to break some more. I stayed and believed. I loved with that fire in me. The fire burnt only me, When it was not supposed to. It never even … Continue reading Strings: Broken And Burnt