Read Travelogue-An Introduction and TRAVELOGUE – 1 the previous parts to the second installment!!!   She smiled, happily hummed away a song as she made herself a crown, sturdy enough to last days. She was dressed in white silk and lace, all beautiful and charming, she knew they’d come. She knew they’d come to her, … Continue reading TRAVELOGUE- II


The Train back Home

  A ride I never wish for, A place I don’t wanna go, The magnets in me keep repelling, They are attracted to the unknown. They call me off, away. This ride gets me restless, I don’t wanna reach home safe at the end of the day, If home is where I finally go. People … Continue reading The Train back Home

They Knew Not…

They knew not how it hurt. They knew not how broken I was, How I could further break, Smaller pieces still, Breaking every day, Every word stabbing, The loudness killing Killing me every inch inside, They knew not, because they believed They believed my broken smile, They asked me to quietly smile, They knew not … Continue reading They Knew Not…

Strings: Broken And Burnt

Broken Strings They were then. All the strings that loosened up, Because the love was never enough, All the promises that we broke, No longer hurts to break some more. I stayed and believed. I loved with that fire in me. The fire burnt only me, When it was not supposed to. It never even … Continue reading Strings: Broken And Burnt


At some or the other time, in every person’s life, one comes across the strong wish to die. We all have felt suicidal, if not yet, we will some day. This is a human tendency to think of ending up our roads with a big red sign, so abruptly. Many of us ponder upon the … Continue reading HOPE TO DIE