The Strix: Hope

Here’s to those who live by in this world one day at a time doing what the world asks of them. Who turned a struggle into an addiction and desire into compulsion. Those who spend every night on their bed, mind drowned in thoughts, heart unwanting to beat. . . You hold onto your wait … Continue reading The Strix: Hope


Strings: Broken And Burnt

Broken Strings They were then. All the strings that loosened up, Because the love was never enough, All the promises that we broke, No longer hurts to break some more. I stayed and believed. I loved with that fire in me. The fire burnt only me, When it was not supposed to. It never even … Continue reading Strings: Broken And Burnt


YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT HOPE, IT BREEDS ETERNAL MISERY! And I could not agree more with these words the first time I heard them on the show. Yeah I am talking about Pretty Little liars. (because I stick too bad to something I like) This was the quote Troian says and that is … Continue reading QUOTES DAY CHALLENGE-2


At some or the other time, in every person’s life, one comes across the strong wish to die. We all have felt suicidal, if not yet, we will some day. This is a human tendency to think of ending up our roads with a big red sign, so abruptly. Many of us ponder upon the … Continue reading HOPE TO DIE