Slaughtered Past

That different girl I used to be, The dead corpse inside of me, That past lost in the blood, The moments in my eyes, a flood. I still go back to those days, I still tread in the darks of that place, I still see a glint of faint light, But never see it enough, … Continue reading Slaughtered Past



She has always been the one who stayed away from people. No, she was not an introvert. She was the opposite, only she did not know it. She was not sure how she would talk to people, because no one seemed to be interested. She was shy, but she wanted to talk, she loved to … Continue reading THE LONER


This is completely awkward, staying somewhere with a feeling that you don’t belong there. It’s kind of weird having been in some place for so long and getting so used the monotony that until now, you never realized that, this was not your scene. This is not how you want to be treated. This is … Continue reading OUT OF PLACE