She saved them.

Her face warmed up, it might have never been that shade of red. Her boiling blood bubbled up to her brains in full pressure. She blacked out for a while. Gritting her teeth, her body shook with the pressure of those hormones inside. Her stomach churned in envy. Her throat felt gurgly, there was a … Continue reading She saved them.


Her High(Cranky)ness!

Well, every other day, she was way messier after her crankiness. This day too, she was. Messy , yes. But messiness aside, she was more thoughtful. Her stubbornness was the cause of messing up, which meant being cranky followed my more of mess. She was lost in her thoughtful world. She was unreasonably angry and … Continue reading Her High(Cranky)ness!

Strings: Broken And Burnt

Broken Strings They were then. All the strings that loosened up, Because the love was never enough, All the promises that we broke, No longer hurts to break some more. I stayed and believed. I loved with that fire in me. The fire burnt only me, When it was not supposed to. It never even … Continue reading Strings: Broken And Burnt