This post is a generalized one. It is fair for all to have an opinion about it, although, it would help if they were not conveyed, except if they empowering or optimistic. otherwise, they might defeat the purpose of the post itself.  Tread with caution.   Yeah, I am depressed. And I am not ashamed! … Continue reading Stigma!



Note: My tone my go highly sarcastic here and there (don’t know if edited those parts, though, just to sound as polite as possible!) This is purely meant for a bit of light reading and is only, ONLY my side of the story, which means it is not necessary you agree to all of it. … Continue reading HYPE


A simple hug, I miss it. My arms scream for love. A simple fight, I regret. My hands scream for warmth. A night full of pain, With everything to lose and nothing to gain. The speechless lip trembling with fear, The eyes, screaming for tears. The numbing of senses, Chills down the spine, Scream in loneliness. … Continue reading Scream

Introspection #1

*look at me address a serious issue of my head in a (trying t be) funny way* *feeling great with Kashaf Shaikh and 50 others* Get to business, bitch! Whenever I sit to do some introspection, I somehow end up finding faults all around me and blaming the universe for my state. Change that. Period. … Continue reading Introspection #1

Who, me?

That different girl I used to be, The dead corpse inside of me, That past lost in the blood, Those moments brimmed in my eyes, I still go back there, I still tread in the dark, I still see faint light, But never see it enough.   I run back to now, Whenever I feel … Continue reading Who, me?

Taking a bow!

I hate being away from writing. I was suffering from a temporary writers' block. But here when I come running back(tripping hard on my way) I see I crossed 100 followers!! Yippee! *doing the chandler dance* So as many of you saw my post yesterday and the amount of greetings that came my way in … Continue reading Taking a bow!

Sleep & dream? Otherwise!

    ©The Word Warrior, - KashafS.


I can hear the echoes, Of my own breath, The storm, the chaos, As humble as death, Mercilessly quiet, The world closing in on me, And me, hiding in myself, deep. Fighting within me, my own fight, Under my skin, those shadows sweep. But the fire is still burning, A dynamic life lost but waiting. … Continue reading Empty.

Of Guest Posts, Fan-Mails And Friendship!

Flashback Trying my best to stick to Dark and Intense stuff on this blog, I had completed one month. I had no idea about communities, guest posts, reblogs, challenges, etc.  I blindly stuck to the blog and maintained the monotony of the intense posts. I did write on motivation, since halfway through the first month, … Continue reading Of Guest Posts, Fan-Mails And Friendship!


As simple as that. Something I am very good at. Change. Something I have various thoughts on. Change. And for the record, I just changed my blog address. More about it at the end of this Post. So change. What I noticed some good time back, was that it’s not just one day you wake … Continue reading Change