A Questionnaire For The Sad

What is so enticing about darkness? Why do we run into the shadows? Are we swept off our feet by the melancholy? Or do we crave the still and silent misery?   Is it true, with our hearts, the pain ends? Or is there a magic spell to stop our sorrows? Will we get out … Continue reading A Questionnaire For The Sad



Their legs hung over the edge of the cliff, teasing each other, giggling and throwing back their heads in laughter, the air cleansing their souls, and the echoes ringing in their ears, it was all so pure. The birds were about to fly back to their nests, the air had become cooler, and the clouds … Continue reading Silence


He was sleeping, As beautiful as night itself, He stirred and I held my breath, He dreamed of far away as he slept, He smiled as I stroked his hair away, The moon shone bright on his face, His eyes closed as he slept with grace, His hands searched for me, and I found him, … Continue reading MOON SHINE

The last love story

This is what happens to those who love me, and force my passion to turn into love: This is the second time, I messed. I messed with someone who loved me, who made me feel again. I fell in love again, I felt like “that” again. Or maybe I thought I fell in love, even … Continue reading The last love story

Broken Promises

If I came stumbling back, Would you steady me? Would you take me into your arms, Even if I broke your heart, again?   Would you kiss me the way you first did? If I ran away again, and never came back? Would you wait till the end of time, Would you love me all … Continue reading Broken Promises

Not yet…

DISCLAIMER: This post is in sharp and strict contradiction with one of my previous posts, cursing love: Nothing Like Love. It is not that I believe in love already, NO. I will when I can say that I lived "happily ever after". But when someone out there trying so hard to make it that way, … Continue reading Not yet…


To love and to fall in love, Were both very different to her, She knew love, when she loved, She did with all her might, She loved as much as she could, She loved with all she ever had! But today she was falling in love, Again, And she was helpless, Unable to move, Though, … Continue reading Again?

Love? Not Again!

Today is the day I prepared for a million heartbreaks, two years back! look at me today, preparing for yet another one, incidentally on the same day... yet another haiku! Love? Not again!   Neither of us could say, Both of us knew, All we did was play, But you fell for me, and I … Continue reading Love? Not Again!

Happy in the Head [haiku]

Yes, the heart was broken, Cracked only maybe, And the pieces stung, The head still yearned to be happy!   -Words From the Word Warrior KashafS </3  

love, just that!

Ek ladki thi deewani si, ek ladke pe who marti thi, Jab bhi milti thi mujhse, mujhse pucha karti thi, Yeh pyaar kya hota hai? Yeh pyaar kaise hota hai?   I know it’s for the first time, I wrote some Hindi on this blog. This is a dialogue from an awesome movie called “Mohabbatein” … Continue reading love, just that!