Hope Was Real

To Cezane And Michelle: From the Psychedelic Bay, that's no longer with us. Hope was real. They said so. They said things that inspired, that touched and struck the rightest chord. With the heaviest heart, I write for you guys this post, expressing in my best way, my feelings for both you lovely souls. The … Continue reading Hope Was Real


The Other One

*with a tear in my eye*   You said you loved me, so much and you will forever, but my reply put you down, and you turned a stranger.   He was the other one, who never caught my attention. He was so much into the background I never saw him. We never made it … Continue reading The Other One


Him, that came my way, Because no one can love us like we do, I, who could never say enough, that I love you. Together we, will always stay! MY FIRST FLASH FICTION [A REAL STORY STILL] He sat there, so dissolved in the background, so invisible in this flashy place. He was there too … Continue reading HIM, THAT CAME MY WAY!