Warriors Need Rescuing Too!

She was as pale as a blank page, Waiting for words to be written, She was waiting to be colored, She was an empty glass of magic. She was all drained and dry. Her skin, peeled off white, fell away, Her colors left her a shade lighter, Every morning. She woke up every day, Like … Continue reading Warriors Need Rescuing Too!

It’s all in your head!

It’s all in your head! So what exactly is in my head? A complete analysis-cum-confession that I am crazy. Yes, self-diagnosed with a mental illness that probably no one else gives a damn about! I cry more. I get very angry. Uncontrollably and monstrously. I roar in anger, I get tremors in my body and … Continue reading It’s all in your head!


Their legs hung over the edge of the cliff, teasing each other, giggling and throwing back their heads in laughter, the air cleansing their souls, and the echoes ringing in their ears, it was all so pure. The birds were about to fly back to their nests, the air had become cooler, and the clouds … Continue reading Silence


He was sleeping, As beautiful as night itself, He stirred and I held my breath, He dreamed of far away as he slept, He smiled as I stroked his hair away, The moon shone bright on his face, His eyes closed as he slept with grace, His hands searched for me, and I found him, … Continue reading MOON SHINE

Introspection #2

Introspecting through the waters of negative thoughts. Once again I am in that phase wherein I get huge oceans of negative feelings. I don’t feel good from the inside and everything just makes me mad! As far as I know, I was never the person with a short temper, or maybe nasty snapping, anger, jealousy, … Continue reading Introspection #2

Someone Inside

There was a strange craving in my gut, Someone inside was speaking to me, But I felt deaf. Heard nothing. Someone inside wished to cry, But my eyes were cold. Someone inside yearned for something, But I stood there strange to myself. My head was lost in thoughts, The thoughts were never mine, I did … Continue reading Someone Inside

She saved them.

Her face warmed up, it might have never been that shade of red. Her boiling blood bubbled up to her brains in full pressure. She blacked out for a while. Gritting her teeth, her body shook with the pressure of those hormones inside. Her stomach churned in envy. Her throat felt gurgly, there was a … Continue reading She saved them.

A brilliant Girl!

This is a story from the first day of this month. The time when my admissions were going on. It was a messy and tiring time. All those weeks-long waits, the college visits, and the Mumbai rains to top them all- everything had taken a toll on me, my temper, health, and even writing for … Continue reading A brilliant Girl!

Her High(Cranky)ness!

Well, every other day, she was way messier after her crankiness. This day too, she was. Messy , yes. But messiness aside, she was more thoughtful. Her stubbornness was the cause of messing up, which meant being cranky followed my more of mess. She was lost in her thoughtful world. She was unreasonably angry and … Continue reading Her High(Cranky)ness!

The Blinking Cursor

She drowned the Valium down the throat, her head tingling with ideas but none of them in focus. She was ready to write the end of her book this morning. But now suddenly, everything just went blank. Her reddening eyes were wrinkled at the corners with the effort to focus, her head was throbbing, and … Continue reading The Blinking Cursor