Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

Amongst all the mess and being MIA, I was quietly reading posts from my fellow blogger friends.And there! I came across this award i got nominated for! All thanks to dear blogger friend @ YourAveragePeahead, for the nomination, the questions made me think! I made the banner for this Award Nomination, wanted to do that … Continue reading Black Cat, Blue Sea Award


Adventure Quotes Challenge

              Wooh! Looonnng time! Been too busy with stuff in life. Not bothering to go in details and getting right down to business. The Adventure Quotes challenge. *clears throat* I was nominated for this challenge by the most beautiful, funny, smart, and an all-rounder housewife, blogger, friend. [ALL ROUNDER … Continue reading Adventure Quotes Challenge

One lovely blog


Wow! That award name is cheesy. I got nominated for this one by TheHungryBaller. Thank you so much for the nomination! I had so many drafts pending to be published but I could not due to my entrance exams. I just got started with finishing up  my latest post when this heart warming comment popped … Continue reading ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD


YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT HOPE, IT BREEDS ETERNAL MISERY! And I could not agree more with these words the first time I heard them on the show. Yeah I am talking about Pretty Little liars. (because I stick too bad to something I like) This was the quote Troian says and that is … Continue reading QUOTES DAY CHALLENGE-2


So I came across so many Potter fans these past few days, i have been basically procrastinating this nomination so that I could find a really nice quote. (I'm sort of lying, its because I have my entrance exams that I SHOULD be worried about) Sorry, "Your average peahead"  and thanks for the nomination! That is … Continue reading QUOTES DAY CHALLENGE 1


The rules: First of all, many thanks to the one who nominated me. All the very best for your blog too. Check out Miha's blog at perfectionhasaprice. This amazing place is sure to inspire and strengthen you. Keep up the good work, friend.   These questions really got me thinking, as basic as they might be, … Continue reading LEIBSTER AWARD