The Fire Inside.

And the fire burns. It brightens the dark night, it kills, it takes life, it destroys. It burns further. Never extinguishing. It roars in the air. Up in the open, with nothing stopping it. Not the freezing cold night, not the waters from the storm, not the winds from the trees, nothing. It lives on , killing everything that tries to come in the way. It goes higher with every obstacle. It reaches the skies. It burns red, fierce, strong. The smoke warms up the cold night and blurs every life in sight. It is invincible. It has colors. It is the heat with uncountable faces. It is the faces, the shades of life. It is par every force, every energy and every power. It is the fire that burns WITHIN.

daily prompt: Burn

This post was written after I read the book featured. The book was Blue Smoke, by Nora Roberts. It rotated around a young fire fighter girl, a suspense thriller with bits of erotic romance that actually lights up a spark withing you. A must read women empowering novel, a classic Nora work!


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