He was sleeping,
As beautiful as night itself,
He stirred and I held my breath,
He dreamed of far away as he slept,
He smiled as I stroked his hair away,
The moon shone bright on his face,
His eyes closed as he slept with grace,
His hands searched for me, and I found him,
Making sure I did not giggle,
Under his embrace I would wriggle,
And spend the rest of my night looking at him dream.
And suddenly his face would beam,
Adorably,  he knew I was watching over him,
I wanted to be there always, cause I never
Had seen him So calm, so carefree,
I wanted to be by his side forever,
Wanted to plaster his face with kisses
Hoping he doesn’t wake, but I sit there, happy,
I sit there in wonder of his innocence,
Wonder how lucky one would be to get this beautiful lover,
I wished I would be the one, the only happily ever after.




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