The Strix- Trust


Something not bought,

But hard-earned.

Something not asked,

But freely given.


It is a gift,

Given when a stranger

Becomes a friend.

Free, but precious,


Please take care,

Of this fragile thing.

For it’s impossible to fix,

Once broken.


~ AlpeJohn




on the ledge

far jump

her faith, wobbly

her heart, numb

adrenaline flows

lifetime of woes

all have left her

no one to know

she built her own

strength, fight

comeback girl

wants to fly

just not sure

how to land

feather in hand

it floats

down to ground

distance darkened

by black matter pain

there was only

her light

she leapt

great heights

no one to catch her

just her own

two feet


~ Emily Clapper

~ from PoetGirlEm



When your world is burnt to ash,
When you are hit more than you can take,
When it’s a struggle to breathe,
When you are dying alive,
And you are one step away from eternal failure,

Remember, not all hope its lost,
For even ashes build up ruined cities,
You are but one man!
Trust yourself little phoenix,
For I’d trust you can
You shall spread your wings and rise above all
Leaving your past, a mere shadow,
For all you you can try….
Just trust yourself!

~ Kushal Gorti

~ from A Misled Writer


The weakest bonds,
The pain of the past, the fears,
Break the strongest ties,
The hesitation, the shaken belief,
A broken heart, the tired emotions,
The screaming head, the bursting tears,
The dreams, washed over with  lies,
Is it too good to be true, doubts and frustration ,
A restless soul, never finding relief.
A life walking hand in hand with another,
Was now stranded, cold and empty,
But it continued with memories of firsts,
All alone, further on its journey,
Looking for pieces of its broken trust.

~ Kashaf S.


Trust each other, not a simple task
These days maybe too much to ask
How can we trust another human being
If misery is all we are seeing

Trusting yourself, your gut feeling
In our world that needs healing
Requires to take down your mask
To release vulnerability out of your flask
The ghost of the bottle we can be ourselves
If we sweep hatred from the shelves
Restoring hope and love is a must
We should
We need
To trust

~ Patty Wolters

~ from DREAMPACK *******************************************************************

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