Note: My tone my go highly sarcastic here and there (don’t know if edited those parts, though, just to sound as polite as possible!) This is purely meant for a bit of light reading and is only, ONLY my side of the story, which means it is not necessary you agree to all of it. No offense meant at any point. Though I would like to sue the meme-creators, thanks J


No, I’m not talking about the Dizzee Rascal song Hype here (though it’s a dope song for them EDM lovers and you should go listen to it!)

Talking about hype. Like the real, worldly (virtual actually) hype about anything and everything that comes around the corner on the news tonight. It could be regional, national, or global, nobody cares. It has to go to the other side of the earth, because duh, the world is a small place now (so much for advantages of technology.) It could be as serious as the atmospheric problems in the New Delhi to as useless as the US presidential elections. Just kidding! (Not really)

Taking on everything one by one:

  1. The trigger to this post. The ban on the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in our country. This is news that just came out like a few hours ago. There are 100s of memes, jokes, and stupid posts, lameness all over the social network. I was first non-accepting of the fact that such a rule has been passed. But the jokes, memes, etc made it clear that it was no joke! See the irony here? And it also took us just one video from the PM, or maybe one WhatsApp message, or maybe one tweet [that one split second] to turn our attentions from the US presidential elections to the awesome job of our Prime Minister.

The jokes and memes do not make me feel bad, or hurt (why will they?) nor do they annoy me in a way they shouldn’t ( I can’t figure out how they should really be affecting me because let’s be honest, I did giggle at a few funny ones). What my point here is, the step was taken to STOP CORRUPTION. And somewhere amidst the jokes (even the best ones) the initial motive is being lost. Guys, it’s been a few hours only, after all! Give it some rest!


  1. The US presidential elections. To be honest, I have a fair knowledge about this. Fair, according to how much I need to know. I know for a fact that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are the tough competition along with FOUR other candidates. And I don’t need to know the names of the rest, do I? So then, I do not even need to know the odds of either Clinton or Trump winning. Personally, I take no interest in political matters, let alone of a completely different country, miles away from me. Okay, I know it affects the whole world, economically, politically, culturally, in every possible way. Why? Because we let it. We let it affect us all in senses more than political or economical. We are letting it affect us SOCIALLY. The oh-so-important-elections have become just another victim of jokes and posts and memes for the worldwide social network, taking benefits of which, both the parties at the elections itself have done surprisingly stupid stuff, from throwing hot shots at each other (which I think should legally be politically incorrect) to publicly speaking about each other’s PERSONAL lives, invading into the unnecessary information of an individual (I won’t get started here)
  2. (not directed at anyone in particular)The bad atmosphere in New Delhi, India. My posts are India-centric because I am a proud Indian, not so proud to mention that the citizens have been screwing up the environment like they don’t care, and it is not going to affect anyone in the near future. Just FYKI it is going to. Wait for it. You’ll see, how much YOU SCREWED UP, YOU NUMPTIES! (just saying)


The important ones ARE DONE HERE I GUESS? No.


  1. There is Game of Thrones (no, I haven’t started watching the show yet) HYPE
  3. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ENDING IN APRIL 2017 (I actually typed that as @)!& , shit!)



  1. Okay then, there’s this hype of this really hot guy who is my friend who I like a bit but then I don’t really like him and I am just friends with him still going crazy because he really is cute, even though his display sucks and I don’t like him any more than a friend he makes me crazy and he is IGNORING me but I don’t look that bad and he is a really good friend and I guess we really complement each other quite well but then the hype is all in my head, of course. *pants*


That was all about hype! And at the perfect moment, Hype by Dizzee Rascal starts playing on my phone.

Oh, these little sweet nothings in life. *teary eyed, luscious smile*


*turns off notifications from every social media, that I exist/don’t exist on, whatever. WHATEVER*

“Enough of those memes, already!”

*best friend texts with another joke*

*falls off the bed in disbelief*

Okay, bye!


Word warrior,




2 thoughts on “HYPE

  1. Patty says:

    As a fellow neighbor at this globe I think it would be wise to be interested in what goes on at this globe. Like it or not, it will effect you personally 😉
    Hypes like Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, Lord of the Rings…I think I am a weirdo, since I haven’t seen or read any of those yet, hihi

    Liked by 1 person

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