She saved them.

Her face warmed up, it might have never been that shade of red. Her boiling blood bubbled up to her brains in full pressure. She blacked out for a while. Gritting her teeth, her body shook with the pressure of those hormones inside. Her stomach churned in envy. Her throat felt gurgly, there was a fighting urge in her throat and an itch in her hand. Her body seemed out of her control. She shook harder with every passing second, blood having crossed the highest temperature possible for any human. She felt the heat in every nerve ending. Her gritted teeth made her head hurt, but they were still glued together with such force. She felt the chills running down her spine, she stood. Enraged. Helpless.

In this form of a hot and cold storm inside her, she did her best to keep her face straight, except of course for the jaws that were more prominent now, than ever. Fighting back tears of rage, she stood there, trying to camouflage her already shaking posture by rocking on her chair. She could now feel the “smoke coming out of her ears”. And her brain which felt nothing less than a volcano. She was traumatic. She had to escape before she would burst into her constituent flames.

Or tears.

So she ran. In any other situation, her running toward the loo would have seemed too comic. But right now, all she thought was getting away. She locked herself in. she took deep breathes. Of course, they did not help. They never did. So she just rested her back against the wall, making sure she was well away from the seat. She breathed out the held breath, horrified with the realization of having kept it held for so long. Her hands twitched. Her tears knew no limits. She gripped her hair tight, pulling them away, in vain. She screamed, silently. She screamed silently, but her throat hurt. Her nerves swelled up. She turned redder if that was even possible.

That was the volcano, she saved everybody from. She was the volcano, she was the fire, that she rescued the loved ones from. Even though they were the reason for the rage, for that fire, this other side of her fire, the fire that hurt her.

Now she knew.

It won’t be easy, being fire!


This post in the “darkness” category, because, after all, the fire burned in the dark, away from everybody’s eyes. all they saw was smoke.

The Word Warrior,



19 thoughts on “She saved them.

  1. Cezane says:

    Hey Buddy, first, nice background :D, can see a new theme roaming about… is it new or you just changed the background.
    Second, a question, how do you keep delivering amazing posts one after another and being able to top the last one more and more everytime you write a new one. The way you had with words here was epic! And the last line, wow…. that line nailed it!

    Liked by 1 person

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