The last love story

This is what happens to those who love me, and force my passion to turn into love:

This is the second time, I messed. I messed with someone who loved me, who made me feel again. I fell in love again, I felt like “that” again. Or maybe I thought I fell in love, even after having lost belief in the matter.

When it happened before, I agreed it was not my fault, and blamed the other half of the relation for the mess. He was, after all, someone I had loved all my life, and someone with whom, I fell out of love so quickly. I lost trust, again, I lost emotions, and I lost hopes. I knew I would never love again. I would stay loyal to only me, and love only me. I was quick to move on, and I had no idea what the other person was going through. Moreover, the distance between us, made our love fall apart. I was stranded and broken. I was heartless, with no emotion.

Until he came along. He took me to those same places, but they looked different. As if I was revisiting after ages, as if I was going there for the first time in my second birth, more beautiful, so different. So much more loving, and compassionate. But I was afraid. Fear was held inside my gut for all this time, and the fear broke loose. I knew I would hurt him. Something made it difficult for me to stay. I felt suffocated and bound even when all he did was keep me free. He knew I was a bird, I was fire. He knew me so well, but I was afraid I would burn him. I was afraid of myself. And so I flew…

He caught my wings and brought me back, but this is what happens to those who love me, and force my passion to turn into love, they burn. And as always, I fly away…..

Now I won’t let this fire touch any love. The fire is only to bring light, and not heat the night.

The last love story of The Word Warrior©




2 thoughts on “The last love story

  1. Patty says:

    Trust me dear Kash, if the right person comes along all the fear will disappear. Your still young, you don’t have to find your true love yet..And maybe you will be on your own for ever, having an affair every now and then, that’s also ok 😉


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