Travelogue-An Introduction

All travelogues start here.

She packed her bag with her favorite clothes and shut the duffle close with no tear in her eye. She was looking for her left sock and was making unwanted noise.

Shush, you’ll wake them up!

She tiptoed from one room to the other, in the dark, finding things and giving herself time to collect her courage from every corner of the house.

She felt nothing and this was always her story. From feeling way too much for everyone to hurting more than that, to feeling nothing at all.  That was her journey of emotions and she had had it.People found it repetitive, but she could not help it. She had to stop repeating it and make it big. She would.It did not hurt, not a bit, to leave the doors of her house. She groped for her shoes in the dark, and quietly unlatching her door, she stepped out. It was almost time for dusk to peep in the atmosphere, and so the air was fresh and cool. That encouraged her. Her stomach growled in anger for being empty for two days now, and that was the loudest sound she had made since she started the day. She had a note in her hand, a goodbye note, she read through it. And giggled, it was way too dramatic. She trashed the note on her way out. But did not want to risk anyone reading it, so she took it out and quietly tore it into pieces.

Don’t be stupid, you won’t do it!

Oh! Watch me.

You are afraid.

I am stronger than my fear is.

You won’t survive.

Anywhere is better when I am alone! Nobody needs me anyway!

And the other voice could not say anymore. It went silent because it had to agree. All her consciousness believed that one fact. She felt dynamic and all, yes. But sometimes, she felt she was being used by people. And nothing ever hurt more than that. Now the argument inside her head was silent unless her subconscious came up with something more sarcastic to bring her mood lower than it had already gotten.

Her mood swings were bizarre. She could not stay stable. At least now, it was impossible. Her journey of thoughts, emotions had made her head go haywire and she was not troubling the world with them. She had decided this, thought well, thought for years about it, and she was going to do it. Nothing stopping her now!

She took out her diary, hoping it did not rain. But it did, right before she stepped down the last step of the flight of stairs. But of course she was in no movie and things in real life were never perfect. She did not care. She packed her diary inside her backpack and ran into the rains. She had to get away from here. Quick. And far! She tripped over stones, and splashed into puddles, it rained harder. It was not the way she had planned, or expected. And she knew, it was not going to be easy….

But this is what you always wanted….

Words From The Word Warrior ©




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