Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

Amongst all the mess and being MIA, I was quietly reading posts from my fellow blogger friends.And there! I came across this award i got nominated for! All thanks to dear blogger friend @ YourAveragePeahead, for the nomination, the questions made me think!

I made the banner for this Award Nomination, wanted to do that since a long time! Do tell me how you like it, okay? 😉

Rules for the award:

  • Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers.
  • Anybody nominated answers three questions. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions. If any of the questions asked are offending or simply do not want to be answered, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

Directly to the award norms, the answers:

1)Why did you start blogging and how has it been so far?

As two days back, I wrote a “100 followers post” I guess one can make out how pleased I am to be blogging! Not making much of an issue out of it, I’d say, I started blogging because i knew I could write, different. i wrote because I wanted people to know that there are more like them, going through difficult times with pain, but a smile on their face. Because I want to spread the beauty of sadness. Because I want to make it big and compete with the best selling writers and be better than them and be famous and rich. WHAT? Yes, I do. (A crazy big dream)

I am working on that, mind you! 😛

2)Reading Or Writing? WHY?

I am going to say writing. Not that I am not much of a reader. I AM. I read like crazy even if its my exam the next day and the author choses to twist the plot, I still read (Now you know why I scored how I scored)

But writing because it energises me, it purifies me, and helps me keep my calm when things get out of hands. Becaue I believe in the power of words and use them as the word warrior to fight every war we face in the face of humanity. I am still sharpening my sword, still polishing my language and that will never be the best, I know. But I do want to fight for the world, for every dream that is left unfulfilled, and so I prefer writing because reading will bring pleasure only to me, when I do it. But when i write, it’s for the world to see and for my heart to be set free.

3)What’s your greatest strength and what’s your gravest weakness?

Greatest Strength: Writing and I guess random logic and completely tangled mess of thoughts in my head. (wonder, WONDER, how?)

Gravest weakness: Unfortunately, it is that I don’t have superpowers, and the fact that I probably can’t love, can’t feel, can’t be a good girl! 😛

(i really haven’t thought that well on this one, sorry guys, but the question keeps getting lost in my head- the tangled mess of thoughts 😛 that was supposed to be my strength, right? Uh Oh!)

My questions for the nominees:

  1. A dream that you live and die for?
  2. Who is your favorite author and which is your favorite book by that author? why?
  3. Your biggest inspiration?

My nominees:



The Entralled clod of Thought (Where are you dude!?)

PS: Which other post was this organised before? 😛

The word Warrior©

KashafS ❤


2 thoughts on “Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

  1. Patty says:

    Wow, thank you dear Kashaf! And congratulations to you for this well deserved award.I like the banner, so I’m going to use that one too 🙂
    Big hug, XxX

    Liked by 1 person

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