Hope Was Real

To Cezane And Michelle: From the Psychedelic Bay, that’s no longer with us.

Hope was real. They said so. They said things that inspired, that touched and struck the rightest chord.

With the heaviest heart, I write for you guys this post, expressing in my best way, my feelings for both you lovely souls. The ones who decided to part ways after giving me and my blogging family the strength to love and hope.

I have left the Strix following cue after Cezane And Michelle, not that I am very proud of it. I did feel so guilty to take this cowardly step. I was not sure how I’d be able to continue without the two of you. To me, the Strix was a family, it is and will always be, no doubt. The fun we had, the talent we composed and the recognition we got. Most of all, the love we spread, the words we magically put across to the whole world, and the way we all complemented each other so well. We were, in fact, the best fit.

There may have ben many reasons that made us part, and respecting all our privacy in the matter, I would love for our likers and followers to understand. Cezane and Michelle taught me to hope, they motivated me to write better than I already did. They taught me to love, without fear of losing. And somehow, I lost them.

Guys, wherever you are, if you are reading this, please know how much I owe you guys, and that stays on the record. I love you, and the rest of our family @the Strix.

I have compiled all our posts in one post and there still is the strix page on my blog. I will never forget this experience and you all are always in my heart. ALWAYS.

I would love to still collaborate and write articles with you guys, but not under the name of the Strix because that was C&M for me. And it was your initiative that we all still wish to fulfill, the goal behind the Strix. We still stand together. So to all of you, good luck, god bless, lots of love:

Emily Clapper From PoetGirlEm

John from The JuanderingArtist

Zigyasa Kakkar From MySestina

Patty Wolters From Kruidje-roer-me-niet*Mimosa Pudica


The word warrior©

KashafS ❤


4 thoughts on “Hope Was Real

  1. juandering.artist says:

    Oh Kashaf 😦 I feel you. Our family will forever have that spot in my heart, no matter how short-lived our fellowship was. And though we ended up on different paths, I dont have any regrets because I met such wonderful and spirited individuals. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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