Taking a bow!

I hate being away from writing. I was suffering from a temporary writers’ block. But here when I come running back(tripping hard on my way) I see I crossed 100 followers!! Yippee!

*doing the chandler dance*

So as many of you saw my post yesterday and the amount of greetings that came my way in the form of messages, emails, likes and comments was mindblowing! And I’d be lying if I said so. XD yes, because actually, the reaction was very sober. I wasn’t missed. But glee was all over my face and feels when WordPress notified me so sweetly that I finally completed a milestone, after three months of blogging! I reached 100 followers.

Here’s my speech:

Thank you all my loved ones, the followers, the likes, the comments, the friends, the FAMILY: THE STRIX all of you make a big part of my life. All of you make blogging worth it! The awards, challenges, the Community pool, everything makes it fun to be writing and gives me something to look forward to when I have nothing else left.

A great thanks to all supporters, back-ups, and those who are always there, you mean a lot. You are the reason I am here. thanks to the rains, nature, and the stupid Human Tendencies that inspire me to write. Thanks all the worst people that came into life, you taught me lessons I’m preaching others today. Thanks to all the experiences in every form to give me things to think on. basically, thanks to life, and to Him who gave that to me. Because after all is said and done, LIFE is the reason I WRITE. It’s a dream, like traveling, a purpose to live on. Something that gives me my individuality.

And on this occasion of receiving 100 followers, I also have some news. Not very good, but very sad, depressing and heart-breaking. I don’t want to ruin those sweet smiling faces now, do I?

This news will be out tomorrow, Maybe it will help me add some motivation to it then because I am still not healed after the blow!

Big thanks once again, I am flattered and most grateful for being here in the blogosphere.


The Word Warrior©


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5 thoughts on “Taking a bow!

  1. Thehungryballer says:

    Congratulations !!
    With the way you write I’m surprised it even took 3 months ! 🙂 But nevertheless keep going on – eager for more amazing posts.
    P.S. – Hope you’re not going to disappear


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