Reasons To Be Happy

You don’t need ANY!


Those times you are happy,

Is when you laugh out loud,

Not only smile and be so grateful,

But open your arms wide and embrace,

Put your feet down, bare on this land,

Love every little thing, and fly,

Love the trees, that sway,

The sea glittering blue today,

The sun, burning you inside,

Play with the wind, and have nothing to care

It’s the day you live, it’s the happiness.

Other days, we all be cleaning our mess.

Enough pain we go through,

Enough tears we hold back.

We were strong enough for long,

We fought and we also won.

Some scars remain, but today,

Today, the smile hurts no more.

Let it out, let the world know

Let this day be a season,

Because today, we are happy for no reason.

This post comes in as an apology, as a throwback, as a memory!

Apologies for being so busy in life, admissions, stress and work, and not being able to post!

Throwback to the time I was such a daily writer, this piece is from my journal three years back (thus may sound a little lame) It comes from a 15-year-old!!

A memory to those times, I went through the mental breakdowns, and still managed to be happy, to manipulate my own feelings for others to see. And be happy all in all!

The Word Warrior©



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