Every Drop [MONSOON I]

And a drop fell on bridge of my nose, where the glasses had been missing. A big smile crossed my face as the dark clouds took their positions over my head. Something started building up inside me starting with the gut. The smile only widened as more drops fell, and soon I was standing in the first shower of the season.

The dark clouds, as if seeing my happiness, burst open and I could not take it anymore, I heaved a great sigh of excitement and giggled like a little kid, I let the wind wash over all of me and my soul and I closed my eyes, spread my arms and surrendered to the rains as if I was doing so to the only love of my life.

With every drop, I drenched myself with the love of the coming. I am in love with monsoon, and with someone every monsoon. With every other drop thus, I miss them more. I miss myself more. Rains hold rivers of nostalgia, good, bad, everything so cherish-able. Everything so pure from the past, the mistakes, the love, misconceptions, that life, the dark I was afraid of, then the dark I was not afraid of anymore, the laughter, glitter, new friends, mischief, it holds in itself “life”

It feels like rain brings back everything I ever had, that was lost, found, and even the things I never had. The rains hold all the feelings, all sorts of them that I ever felt, bringing back the tears, the blush, the smile, the giggles, the Goosebumps.

Everybody loves the rains, but they mean so different to each one of us. They mean so much to me. That’s one thing I look out for the whole year. I feel alive in the ambience, in the sweet smelling soil, on this earth, with the humid, fragrant air, and all the rest that comes along with each drop!

Escape into words,

Words from the Word Warrior,

Kashaf S.



4 thoughts on “Every Drop [MONSOON I]

  1. piezoradeon says:

    Never much thought about rains and monsoon this deep …. I just like getting drenched and the wet hair and the moist soft wrinkled skin on the tips of my fingers!
    The smell of the moist earth is always awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

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