love, just that!

Ek ladki thi deewani si, ek ladke pe who marti thi,

Jab bhi milti thi mujhse, mujhse pucha karti thi,

Yeh pyaar kya hota hai? Yeh pyaar kaise hota hai?


I know it’s for the first time, I wrote some Hindi on this blog. This is a dialogue from an awesome movie called “Mohabbatein” which means “love”. I’ll translate the above stanza too:


There was once a crazy girl, she had fallen for some guy,

Whenever we met, she used to ask me,

What is love? How does one fall in love?


So we now know what the post is about? Love:

It is said that there is no written rule for one to fall in love. It is said that love is blind, it is not limited to the beautiful, fair, etc. love sees no discrimination, it is not limited to only humans, even animals feel this one thing called love. It has been a long time (not so long, though) that I stopped believing in the concept of love. Yes, it sounds immature coming from an 18 year old. But I have had my slice of experiences in the matter. This sounds immature again. I feel immature. Somewhere deep down, I do know that this is going to change. I know someone will come along and make me believe…. Until then, I can only challenge myself, which I did and spontaneously started typing away the first thing that came to my mind.

So love,

This is what I saw it like; [a piece from my diary, two years back]

“Our heart beats from the time we are born, but that moment, when your heart skips some beats, those extra split seconds, for when the heart basically stops, everything calms down, you see that person.

You are in a state of overwhelming shock, and calm, at once. You look at the person, and you have a thousand thoughts, you want to know them, be with them, you love them happy. Unknowingly, you fall in love. You call it love. The moment right then, is so much more than this, impossible to be put in words. Everybody calls it love. But the four words are too little as compared to the intensity, and depth of the feeling.

Rather, these four words themselves have an ocean full of feelings contained in them. Everybody has their own take, own fate. People claim that it is easy to express love. I think otherwise. I feel that this is the only feeling which is impossible to express. No word, no gesture could ever explain love to its fullest extent. Because love, can only be felt. “


I always thought love was about holding on, trusting, and being comfortable. And I think all of those are important. But everyone just can’t hold on, not everyone can trust and there are moments that make you uncomfortable and rethink. The challenge is to make your mind after the discomfort, after the rethink. The challenge is to hold on. I guess I failed badly at it. Because my comfort, ego, stubbornness looked more precious than holding on to someone. Holding on to someone who hurts was never on my charts, I had not foreseen the downside of love. I had always underestimated what I deserved and this indeed was the punishment.

But, on the *true love* lines….

It is said that true love is the one which is never finds its way through; true love is a story left halfway, hanging down the cliff. But then if it hangs down the cliff, if it never reaches the so called happy ending, does it mean you still hold on? Or you move on?

And if you do move on, do you live for yourself, or wait for another turn in your life, another person to come and finish your story? If another person does come to your rescue from the cliff, is that true love again, or is it lost love found? Or maybe it is not love at all, and just another person who truly loves you, to whom you cannot give back the love? Is it always important to end your life as someone’s other half? Or could you be complete and content?

So many questions, such a small and still complicated life.


Leave answers to any questions, if you have any, in the comment section!


Words from the word warrior,


Find your escape, escape into words!

Don’t fall, rise in love…





12 thoughts on “love, just that!

  1. Akshitha says:

    Nice one Kashafs.I liked this one.Personally,I think finding your true love is not easy,often we end up chasing random infatuations.It took me a long time to find true love.Finally when I did,I realised all that I thought of as love were just mere infatuations that often proved irksome sometimes.But trust me,true love does happen and when it does,it truly transforms you.I can clearly see me before and after it happened to me.But let me remind you,love does not come with pleasure and comfort alone..adjustments,forgiveness and letting go of your ego are important things in any relationship,and above all these is that one most important quality-trust. :)Trust is the bed rock ..the cement the pillar of every relationship 😀 Loved this article.Keep writing.All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Akshitha says:

    It was my pleasure dear 🙂 And yes,you will find your way out sooner or later,just don’t overthink..keep it aside and live your life,everything will fall into place eventually 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Laraib says:

    Do u kno the literal meaning of the word “mohabbat”?
    It is derived from the word “mohab” (arabic) which means “healing”.
    So I think (and kinda know) if it is love, it will heal you. It will make you rise above all your wounds and insecurities and make you feel new. Your past wouldn’t matter anymore, neither to you, nor to your partner.
    All the best!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


    Is it weird that I connected with everything you said on the post? I’ve been asking those exact same questions on moving on to myself for the past 8-10 months and seeing that I’m not the only one makes me feel strangely comfortable. But seeing that those are questions left unanswered for you as well, is just borderline scary.
    For now, just blame teenage life. (Makes things a lot less complicated.) 😀
    Great post, though!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kashafS says:

    Yeah, we always have one or the other thing to blame when things don’t work out. that is the best way to procrastinate any thoughts or complications! And be practical, rather than emotional…
    Save yourself some smiles, we need the tears for later!!
    Thanks anyways,
    Be happy ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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