Her High(Cranky)ness!

Well, every other day, she was way messier after her crankiness. This day too, she was. Messy , yes. But messiness aside, she was more thoughtful. Her stubbornness was the cause of messing up, which meant being cranky followed my more of mess.

She was lost in her thoughtful world. She was unreasonably angry and kept thinking of the reason to her anger. She was so irritable, she snapped at every other person. She had no control over herself and she could as well have screamed out loud, banged her head on the  walls, pulled out every hair from her scalp, and maybe even jumped down a cliff. But she sat there, gritting her teeth, preventing that drop of tear from falling. even the very sweet words sounded bitter and she could take them no more, sweet or not. They said it was because of high tea intake, they said it was the lack of sleep, they said it was because she gawked at the computer screen all day long. Seriously? She was paranoid, they don’t give a damn, do they? Not one bit.

She could not think straight, but of course she couldn’t. Nobody knew what really was happening inside of her and they only thought they did, and everything they said, was not helping a bit. She could not even tell them that it was not helping. She was afraid to open her mouth and blabber some nonsense that would make the already bad situation only worse. So there she sat, listening to everybody speak, trying to form answers in her head, that never came out. Those desperate words caused her temper to rise further, but she sat still, helpless.

She jumped up, finally unable to take anymore. She rushed into the shower. that was one place no one could question. She just plopped herself on the tile floor and screamed out all her fury silently…

*And the tears followed*


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