The Other One

*with a tear in my eye*


You said you loved me,

so much and you will forever,

but my reply put you down,

and you turned a stranger.


He was the other one, who never caught my attention. He was so much into the background I never saw him.

We never made it as good friends, not even later. Our trips to the sea made no difference to the bond. We stayed there like weakly attractive magnets. Always the difference between us. Our friendship always stayed there, out of limits into each other’s souls. It did not mean much to me. Maybe not even to you.

But you wanted me so much. And I could not say No to you, not to that innocence and pure heart. No. I loved you as my friend, a dear one. I still miss you, i do. I still cry on those memories. Yes, that’s very true.

And maybe yes, I do laugh about that little affair we had out of friendship. That sudden realization that you thought of me more. It did make me feel special and your treatment made me fly. But I was also disappointed, because I expected someone else to say what you told me.

These days, looking back, I do laugh that issue out as a joke. But I know, you were true, I was. I did love you, just no like you did.


Where is the love? Where is that friendship?


A very Happy Birthday. ❤

*and the tear finally dropped*


Maydays Prompt: Finding Friendship


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