Of Guest Posts, Fan-Mails And Friendship!

Trying my best to stick to Dark and Intense stuff on this blog, I had completed one month. I had no idea about communities, guest posts, reblogs, challenges, etc.  I blindly stuck to the blog and maintained the monotony of the intense posts. I did write on motivation, since halfway through the first month, I felt I was causing depression. 
The next month, I began at the community building part of blogging. I came across some really kind, strong and motivating people. Taking this as an opportunity, I shout out to Perfection Has A Price Blog and to Your Average Peahead. Both these blogs have been extremely friendly, both girls, teens of around my age, so strong and totally awesome writers. Please visit their blogs and forgive them for being MIA these days.
Next some days were fun, I started getting nominated for awards, challenges, etc. I started having fun on WordPress and wrote happier posts. Alright, maintaining the interface, graphics, etc was a struggle at times. But i managed all the same. And my blog shifted to other kind of posts as well. Though the dark and intense stuff still regularly come along. This second month into blogging was when I also came across them:
These are some other awesome bloggers. Do give them a visit too!
About Guest Posts and Reblogs:
My first ever guest post, was during the last weekend. It was by the PsychedelicBay, a blog maintained by Cezanne and Michelle. the two new friends at WP. They also reblogged one of my posts. So do give a read to that guest post too, it is a poem titled STAY. They are beautiful writers and have a blog just like mine. they have given me great surprises and ear to ear smiles this last week!!
My first ever Fan Mail. I was so humbled by the humble fan mail and really had to ponder upon who was the fan, him or me? Peizoradeon, as he likes to be called is the latest of friends I had. mind you, he is the funny, sarcastic, and the challenging one. His posts at The Enthralled Cloud Of Thought are must reads. He is currently planning to probably defeat me on a particular bet! You wish! 😛
All In All:
It has been almost three months since I have started blogging at WP. I also take this opportunity to thank the 70+ followers and I must say I was humbled by the love and appreciation.  It was great to have escaped a 1000+ readers at this blog, Escape Into Words. It was great to have had this change of theme, name and address, though it caused some nuisance in the beginning. Read the featured post Change too. It is a long story cut short. It is the story of growing up, fighting your vulnerabilities. Once again a BIG thank you to all escapees and visitors!
This is my way of wrapping up May, my birth year, with utter gratitude, love, motivation, and expectations.
Love From The Word Warrior,

2 thoughts on “Of Guest Posts, Fan-Mails And Friendship!

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Kashaf is one talented writer, she will be a stunner in the Blogosphere quite soon, that is what i see everytime when i visit your blog and read your posts! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

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