The Blinking Cursor

She drowned the Valium down the throat, her head tingling with ideas but none of them in focus. She was ready to write the end of her book this morning. But now suddenly, everything just went blank.

Her reddening eyes were wrinkled at the corners with the effort to focus, her head was throbbing, and her wide eyes starred blankly into the blank page of the computer document. The blinking cursor kept catching her attention and made her feel more helpless with each passing second.

She blinked.





An idea flashed in her memory, somewhere at the back of her subconscious. And she closed her eyes, trying to grab the idea and pull it over on the screen. But in vain. It came and went like a bolt of lightening. It thundered outside her window. She looked at the dark skies and chills went down her spine. It was about to rain.

I love rains.

The temperature was too low to feel like it was still summer here. She could not smile inspite of the good thought. She was more focused on the blinking cursor on the blank page. Her mind constantly refusing to not wander. She was angry at every thought she had, good or bad.

She could not think of even the starting to the ending.

She had not written the whole book yet. But she knew she needed a masterpeice for an ending. She had to be different and she had a great idea. But where was it? Did it go for a holiday and was going to come back soon? Or was it gone forever, betraying her mastermind?

Just like everybody else did.

She moved over to her window, her mind still blank and messed, out of focus. With another bolt of thunder, her tears started, bringing along the stormy rains on the last night of summer.



In response to the Daily Prompt: BLANK


3 thoughts on “The Blinking Cursor

  1. FrankEinstein says:

    Hey, you write really well!
    Just one thing, you really should edit the article before posting it. Coming from a guy who also unknowingly makes grammatical errors, trust me, they take away a lot from the article.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kashafS says:

    Hey, thanks . I know about the proofreading part…. It has happened so many times. Thanks for pointing out. Let me assure you, I have perfect grammar, I am a freelancer! so… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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