And my appetite fell down to the base of my stomach with a loud THUD! It made funny noises there, as if hurt by the fall. I couldn’t interpret the meaning of those noises.

I had turned in three cups of strong tea already.

A big lump had formed in my throat, and I kept trying in vain, to gulp it down. No liquid, leave alone tea, helped me with it. My belly tickled with butterflies inside, and my spine felt electrified with the constant chills running down. My eyes were wide with anxiety and the edges hurt. The forehead was creased with expectations. I cracked my knuckles every now and then, even if they weren’t cracking.

My breath came out in short sharp gasps. The collar and inner elbow of my shirt were wet with sweat. I was shaking from head to toe. The heartbeats ran out of rhythm as if it were a stampede. The little veins on my skinny forehead visibly twitching and those on my arms bulged. My migraine was at its worst. It felt like my head was about to crack open. It throbbed in rhythm, out of rhythm with the heart.

I giggled, looking at myself in the mirror but the humor was overcome by more anxiety hormones. To hide the creepy smile on my face, I threw my fingers into my mouth. Biting my nails, relenting, I looked back at my computer terminal. With the sweaty palm, I dragged the mouse over, shaking, counting my heartbeats to the time my results would appear. Wishing my self luck and wishing my heart won’t stop.

I must have as well looked like a zombie!!


4 thoughts on “ANXIETY

  1. kashafS says:

    Hii! I’ll check out your post, but as much as I am grateful, i have already done my leibster post. I was nominated last month! So i hope the post works for this nomination as well. Still, if you have a different set of questions, let them through, I’ll work on it ASAP!
    Thanks again!
    KashafS ❤

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