The Train back Home


A ride I never wish for,

A place I don’t wanna go,

The magnets in me keep repelling,

They are attracted to the unknown.

They call me off, away.

This ride gets me restless,

I don’t wanna reach home safe at the end of the day,

If home is where I finally go.

People find this hard to digest,

‘Cuz they said that’s where “the heart lies,”

Mine lies elsewhere in pieces, lost, forgotten,

And me, I crave to be just there.

I feel void of love and emotions,

Even where my heart was supposed to be,

So I know it isn’t here.

Here of all the places couldn’t STOP it.

Couldn’t make it feel, with no love or emotions,

My heart wanders in places undiscovered, I know

‘Cuz something beats deep within, away from home.

Those places are everywhere but here,

Where my heart like the shattered glass lies.

It cuts through the skin of unknown,

It bites the wind, and not otherwise.

My heart a strong being ,

Beats everywhere, but here.

I crave to wander there,

I wanna go find it on my own,

I wanna join those pieces of my heart as a whole.

Instead of people bringing pieces back.

I’ll grab those pieces when I find them,

And join them with bleeding hands,

‘Cuz the love it never got, was all in itself,

And it kept giving it to the world where it laid.

I will find all the places it went,

And join them with bleeding hands, still

And then find where it beats full.

Where it finally feels, love and emotions along.

I’ll find where it then suddenly stops,

And rest there in peace, having my heart whole.

Finally feeling, love and emotions along,

That will have gone away with me.



The featured image actually from the window of “the train back home” and the poem itself, thoughts from “the train back home”.



3 thoughts on “The Train back Home

  1. piezoradeon says:

    Pretty intense!

    The part where you said “And then find where it beats full” that reminded me of a line in Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami where he talks about half shadows and going to search for the remaining part of the shadow ….

    Liked by 1 person

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