Yesterday, at this very moment I was wet with the heat of Mumbai, my eyes creased down to a thin line, and my water bottle empty after having re-filled it twice. I was eating a Frankie (it is what rolls and wraps are called locally here) full of schezwan and cheese (which, for the record, I am not allowed), but then who can avoid cheese?

So I walked into to the college, yet again, where it was happening. The festival, called POP CON and by the time I had bought a Frankie from Raju Rolls outside the college, the POP CON had turned into POP ON! Here:


The fallen ‘C’ 😛

Making fun of this I entered in, all bored, cranky and unexcited. I called my newly found acquaintance, a girl who had come to this festival from the other extreme end of the city. She claimed to be leaving already. Already? I was here since around 11 am, and it ‘already’ felt like a whole day! Even so, I went back upstairs to see if the “Death Eater hunt” had started. I had that silly joke in my head which is so inappropriate to mention here, but I will, since I am inappropriate writing all this down and more, posting it! So the joke was that I had to watch out for this “hunt” since I had dressed up as Bellatrix (okay, tried dressing up like her) and that made me a death eater! Run! Haha, it’s alright, won’t force you to laugh this time!


With my newly made friend gone, I sat alone in the air conditioned room (much to the thanking of my body), to finish my Frankie, giving a creepy smile to anyone who looked my way, wondering why I was alone. No, don’t judge, I am not a jerk! I am mischievous! And that place of comfort reminded me of this category I write about “Seasons”and the almost-forgotten summer special posts. I then decided that tomorrow, this time I’d write about what a disappointment this year’s Potter Mania was. And here I am!


I boarded the train to the southern end of the city. It is my favorite place, most commonly called “the town-side” with all the British architecture, and old monuments, buildings and important landmarks and of course, the sea face! It was already hot in the morning itself, at around 10 am, and it is a more-than-one-hour journey to the destination, which I used to travel every day, to and fro for the past two years! Clap your hands and pat my back! On reaching my college compound, I stood there and gawked at the building,tear-eyed, with its gates closed (its vacation time) for five full minutes just because of the thought that I was going to miss this place if I discontinued here, which is most probable.

Then walking ahead to the open gates of the college next to mine, where this festival was held- POP CON! A blend of Pottermania, Game of thrones, Friends, and Star wars festival. This is why it was messed up, being a concoction of four different fandoms. I, was not interested in the others and went straight to the pottermania common room, which was a classroom turned into what looked like a bad effort of trying to make it look like the wizarding world. Don’t get me there, with the un-detailed paintings, looking like a Childs’ and the big snitch with plain WHITE wings, it was all a disappointment! From the quiz in the hot and congested room, to the lame dueling club game in the common room and the nowhere to be found dress-up competition, everything was a bored person’s effort, or so it looked like. If the whole event could get worse, the merchandising on the terrace, badly roofed to avoid the sun, was such a big mess of all the four events. There weren’t enough stuff about harry potter and most of it was lame. It was hot and people were (god knows why) excitedly jumping into the stalls full of unreasonably high priced merchandise.

I moved down to the lower floors, to get away from the heat, in vain. But I did find some seniors at a desk selling away a cooling drink. I asked the guy out there what it was, and he replied, “ButterBeer”.  My insides killed me with laughter hearing this and seeing his oh-so-innocent face. I couldn’t help but reply sarcastically, “Is it?”with an eyebrow raised and sarcasm flowing out as expressions. The disappointment on his face brought me more joy! Oh my Bellatrix-ness! I took the drink anyways and I couldn’t help but rush to the washroom and puke! It tasted awful! On close observation later, I found out, it was actually butterscotch ice-cream mixed with soda water. Gross! “You almost killed me, you innocent looking (somewhat cute) guy!”

And then after the torchuring quiz, dueling game, the shopping and the Frankie, I started back , preparing my dizzy brains for another hour long journey back home. clicking random pictures all the way!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ultimately, it was unusually, a bad idea to have a lone trip cum pre-birthday party here. I wasted my time this year as much as I had enjoyed last year!

I am so bored that I may not make a deal out of my birthday too this time!

Counting hours till I turn eighteen!








3 thoughts on “SUMMER IV-[POTTERMANIA]

  1. anohinohana says:

    I was there too, and I have to admit, the decorations were a big let down, and the merch was cool enough( I did buy a little reasonably priced stuff). The decoration was not that well rone, but we as Mariates, have a completely different standard, after all. The cosplayers were very scarce, and I am glad I did not find or try this butter-beer hoax you speak of. Overall, B for effort, A for co-ordination, D for skills. As it was my first time attending such an event, and with all the hype about it, I was expecting a lot more, but I am mainly happy because I got my merch.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kashafS says:

    you got it for a lot more than you would have if you came last year! well i did not see you, but i think i definately saw Nitya Shenai. lol i could not remember her name then, to speak with her, she was busy clicking pictures. last year was so much better!!

    Liked by 1 person

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