So here I was, sitting and wondering about my “nothing-happening” life. Right now, I must have shut down all the wrong parts of my brains. I was emotionally shut, intellectually blank and there was a cursor blinking on the blank page of my mind just like it was on my computer screen. I was working, cleaning, cooking (which is exaggerated for an about-to-be-18 teen, but I did, alright?) and worrying about tomorrow’s fest. POTTERMANIA.

Just to make all my fellow potter fans jealous, this is India’s biggest harry potter festival by HR College of arts and Commerce, which is in the same compound as my own beloved college.

Unnecessary blabbers aside! The point is since I was so shut down, I had no idea what to post on my blog and I was about to break my promise of posting everyday, (which I may have done more than frequently) when a notification from this sweetheart, Your Average Peahead, pops up, saying that she had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. You, thank you so much. She is a part of the little community we made as newcomers on WordPress. The other girl, Miha, who has been MIA for a while is also a part of our little community, do check out her blog too- perfectionhasapriceblog. An amazingly strong person, an inspiration, a lovely friend. Both of them! The very first friends I made while on the blogosphere.

God! I have been speaking so much. Getting right to the next step, the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Check


  1. Attach the award to your post. Check


  1. Write a brief story / history of your blog.


  1. A take down of advice to new bloggers.


  1. Nominate 10 other bloggers


  1. Comment on their blogs to notify them of the nomination.


The story/history of my blog:

I love telling stories.

I was in the 10th grade when I was introduced to the word blog. Let me correct it to 9th grade when I heard the word for the first time and had no knowledge about it whatsoever. In the 10th grade, we were forced to create a blogger account on “Blogger” by our favorite IT teacher. I then understood the concept and un-surprisingly I loved it! I had to write, why wouldn’t I love it? Writing had been my passion since I was 10. I had written poems and articles and was a part of the “Shakespearean committee” at my school.  I did create the account, but since we had the board exams, I could not concentrate. And ultimately I forgot about it completely. I also forgot that I had created a WordPress account  next year (2015 that is) and the blog at WordPress bore all my injustice to it, since then. Until recently, when I was on the verge of giving another board exam, the last sophomore year, the second year of junior college (SYJC) as we call it here, the thought just struck my mind again. I had been going through mental and emotional trauma during all these years, mostly at the junction of each year, the vacations. This time, I wasn’t even studying. I had taken computer sciences which meant mathematics was a compulsory subject, which was very difficult for me to tackle. I had taken no extra tuitions for the first year and the second year tuitions also never helped. So, anyways, I wasn’t studying, (I said that already) and I was greatly active on Pinterest, not socially, just gawking at the scrolling images. And I came across WordPress once again. When I tried logging in, I was warned that I already had an account, which is when it clicked!

That was in the month of March this year. Before my boards, but of course I had a bunch of things written in the various journals and diaries I keep. I started adding posts, reading other articles and did nothing to make sure people read mine! 😀 *innocence*

And so they lie there with all injustice thrust upon them:

*innocence again*

After my exams were done (good riddance) I sighed heavily, which I do a lot. And exasperated, which I constantly am, these days, I opened up my terminal once again! I had a promising freelance writing job on UpWork, and some few views on my site. That spruced me up! I also came across the “Community Pool” where in I found these friends and I kept expanding from there on. Still not satisfied with the views and likes, I socialized more, again, forgetting (ignoring rather) the entrance exams I was going to give in the vacations for engineering! I do sound like a geek, I hope, because I am, to some extent. I had too much going on inside of me to stop writing and since I had a platform, posting too.

Just so you know:

I have been in love. With words. Ever since I started reading. Which made me write. I fell in love again. With my own words. And words were the only thing that MOVED me. Touched those parts of my conscious and subconscious that I never knew existed before (written like a true 50 shades reader).

*proud of myself*

I learnt, I grew, I became stronger, and I got inspired. From books and writing. Which all melted down to WORDS.

Thus, the name: ESCAPE INTO WORDS. And the tagline: WORDS FOR LIFE.

I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to tell my story. I wanted to see I anyone cares, I wanted not to be lonely as much as I wanted it deep inside. I wanted people to see inside every other human and know that everybody is pained. Everybody hurts someday [wattup Avril Lavigne Song reference]/ [wattup IISuperwomanII reference]. Now you are supposed to drop that serious look and burst out laughing. To make me feel good. I know I am bad at jokes. Come on. Laugh.


OMG! 980 words? Already? There is so much more to the story, so many more feelings attached to the file, but I’d better not make this into a book! Just leaving you there to wonder about the rest of the story on your own. You got the gist, though, didn’t you?

I love you if you read this far. Just let me know if it was engrossing enough, like the un-put-down-able-books you might be reading, in the comment section, or else I consider myself a bore and brush up more on my writing skills. I have to finish my book, after all!

Thanks for sticking with me “Until the very End”

These are my nominations:

Jaundering Artist: the awesome new friend who travels, writes, sketches, and is amazingly like my real life best friend

Jade M. Wong: the fan girl, who writes beautiful fiction stories and poems. And is another good friend here

Atrangizindagikesafar: the inspirational wife, independent woman, and a constant “feel-better” advisor!

The enthralled cloud of thought: this guy, the sarcastic one, the good-sense-of-humor and straightforward posts! YOU!

The psychedelic bay: where you find hope (rather, Where Hope Is Real), and you can believe in love (unlike me) Cezanne, my latest friend here!

Love you all! Nice meeting you. Appreciable recognition received!

Only these for now! Waiting to know more people eagerly!

Thanks all!




  1. piezoradeon says:


    That’s a pretty long and interesting story behind the blog and its name!
    You really do know how to write long without the reader losing interest!
    That’s really amazing too!

    Liked by 1 person

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