They Knew Not…

They knew not how it hurt.

They knew not how broken I was,

How I could further break,

Smaller pieces still,

Breaking every day,

Every word stabbing,

The loudness killing

Killing me every inch inside,

They knew not, because they believed

They believed my broken smile,

They asked me to quietly smile,

They knew not how it hurt,

They knew not just as how bad it did.

When at nights I split,

Red eyes, bleeding tears,

Feeling least loved and most hated,

Feeling all envy, all pity for myself,

Breaking down, hugging the pillows,

Expecting love to burst out from it,

Waiting for it hug back,

But it remains cold, always,

Every night.

They knew not how it hurt,

How it freezes me.

How it made me feel like I was the only,

The only one who no one wanted.

Just another option, a sub,

Another turn around the second corner.

They knew not it grasped my throat,

They knew not it turned my guts,

They knew not it broke my heart,

They knew not it made me numb,

But it did, as real as possible,

They knew not how it hurt,

How it made me pull my hair,

And crease my forehead,

And bang my head,

And pierce my nails into my skin,

They knew not what a mess they let me be.



Sketching Day #2IMG-20160512-WA0004


13 thoughts on “They Knew Not…

  1. kashafS says:

    The poem here was not about guys or girls, but teens and maybe even adults who go through the feeling not being understood. But yeah, only those who go through something, know how it feels. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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