Strings: Broken And Burnt

Broken Strings They were then.

All the strings that loosened up,

Because the love was never enough,

All the promises that we broke,

No longer hurts to break some more.

I stayed and believed.

I loved with that fire in me.

The fire burnt only me,

When it was not supposed to.

It never even touched you.

When this seemed to stay forever,

A concept mistaken so,

On separate paths it made us go,

Our ways are bound to cross

But together again, we shall never be,

So will we meet, like strangers again?

Two wanderers, wandering in vain….

<six months later…>

Them with their Brokenness, Were burnt into Nothing

And the anger strikes,

Disappointed, the fire roars wild,

I see you, for who you were,

I see that devilish grin,

From the angel I believed in

I see the lies, the hate,

I know why you were chaste,

A game you played,

But it never was your field,

You made me believe and so I played,

Played along, enough to be done.

To have finished, with hope and trust.

I stayed longer than I should have,

But vulnerability was never on my charts,

Sorry for you, who still wanders there,

While the fire in me sparks elsewhere!


Sketching day #1PhotoGrid_1462974549933

Daily Prompt: Pensive


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