All you know about me, all that I talk about myself is what happens outside. What I do, where I go, how I behave, what are my reactions. Everything composes of what happens on the front. And I can give you the perfect picture. But what happens inside stays there.

A mystery to everyone.

What happens inside is what only I can know. And all of you other people can go on and judge me. But I feel sorry to remind you, judgments are only assumptions. Only some rare people get those judgments right and they are the ones who know me long enough to really know me. And that does not require much time. I am an easy thing, but surely mysterious as hell. If you get me right from the inside, you win, you really get me. And those who know the me on the outside are only acquaintances. The ones who have the slightest clue are the ones I keep close. Forever.

The key to me is to get to know me. As simple as that, but the problem is that people never bothered to go inside. Not everyone. They want the one who is on the out front. They think I am different and weird and crazy and something new. They don’t know why.

Because No One Cares.



5 thoughts on “Judgments

  1. jademwong says:

    “As simple as that, but the problem is that people never bothered to go inside.” ~> So true. Most people aren’t bothered to really get to know someone, to really listen to another’s thoughts and opinions and likes and dislikes, and to really see how that person is on the inside. But I like to think that the few that do, the few that care, make it all worthwhile 🙂

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