She has always been the one who stayed away from people. No, she was not an introvert. She was the opposite, only she did not know it. She was not sure how she would talk to people, because no one seemed to be interested. She was shy, but she wanted to talk, she loved to talk. She was not confident. She did not know her potential. And also when ever she did speak up, she was made fun of. She was ignored and put down by the people whom she adored. She felt hated. She probably hated herself.

But things change. People change, time forces them to. She loved herself now. She hated her past. She knew she was silly and made mistakes. But everybody made them. Only she was not forgiven. But she was as confident as she had never been. She explored her inner flamboyance and brought it out. She cared not whether people loved her or not, she knew some of them did, and they were enough. She would not sit in the corner now. She would stand up to those who put her down. She would love everybody and looked for nothing in return. She was nothing like the rest, and she wanted people to get that straight. She had sorrow, through which she could smile. So, as much as she had changed, she wasn’t as much a loner as she was lonely inside. People still could not see her truthful heart, her brokenness, her sorrow. She felt for everyone and still felt like no one bothered. All they saw was a beautiful, confident, flamboyant, rebellious girl outside, who smiled and wished everyone their best.

All she wanted in return was at least ONE person to think as deep as she was and solve the unending mystery inside of her.


P.S. : Yeah that’s my fish in the featured image.


6 thoughts on “THE LONER

  1. kashafS says:

    Uhh I have 5 in my tank and let me tell you, that they are not gentle at all… 😀 them be killers on the lose!! but they are my fave! ❤

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  2. kashafS says:

    Yeah we are!! The difference is because I have no gold fish to fight with them… And they are the largest fish in the tank! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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