One lovely blog


Wow! That award name is cheesy. I got nominated for this one by TheHungryBaller. Thank you so much for the nomination! I had so many drafts pending to be published but I could not due to my entrance exams. I just got started with finishing up  my latest post when this heart warming comment popped up and I was more than glad to accept this one. I am happy to know that my writing does make a difference. Thanks once again! ❤

The rules:


The seven things about me:

  1. I am very stubborn.
  2. I get randomly cranky.
  3. I am flamboyant with all the positive and negative definitions of the term literally applicable.
  4. I like playing pranks on people and I have a store of “lame” jokes!
  5. I am the Bollywood filmy and I purposely do a lot of melodrama, basically mimicking the typical Indian “girls”. I don’t do cheesy or complicated!
  6. I love the color black these days. 
  7. I am a Pretty Little Liar fan.

That’s all folks! 😛

I still don’t have many contacts to nominate, but these are the few I love!

Jade M.Wong


Mystery Date with a Book

Your Average Peahead.




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