This is completely awkward, staying somewhere with a feeling that you don’t belong there. It’s kind of weird having been in some place for so long and getting so used the monotony that until now, you never realized that, this was not your scene. This is not how you want to be treated. This is not the way you want to live. You have reached the limit of compromising and being hurt in return. It seems like the final call to just stop caring and leaving everything behind. Because until now, you never thought like this. Like you were not created for this space.

Until now, that is.

When you finally do, again you realize you are way too attached to move on, to just stop talking and run away. The easiest way out of the irresistible urge, out of the frustration is to run. Just disappear. Far off. Miles away. Never look back, start afresh and live as you like. Go about your life as you like, without restrictions, without people telling you how to live or what to do. Travel, go wild go broke and actually LIVE. Learn from the self created experiences. Take risks that you could not because people cared just TOO much.

Anyways, running away or ending your life is never an option, never the way to survive. It is all about making yourself habituated with the realizations, and adapt to the changes within you. No matter how much we try, we do change, probably just one day, the sun rises and you grow up! Maybe it’s a transition in hiding. You and the ones around you don’t really understand the sudden turning events, but these are those delicate moments that one has to handle with utmost care, making sure of not breaking things in the run.

All things said and done, running away from a situation that seems too hard to handle, only makes it a sour memory and a disappointment of not having been strong enough to cope up. It is an easy way out, but mind you, it is a mirage.

P.S. I only hope we all had the strength to follow this last line as much as we understand deep down.

On prompts:  Abandoned

Mayday Prompt: Paths


6 thoughts on “OUT OF PLACE

  1. perfectionhasapriceblog says:

    this is absolutely beautiful and genuine and heartfelt. that second paragraph is just so relatable and TRUE and perfectly written. I love your last line…. and p.s. i can only hope too, that we can all be strong enough ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cezane & Michelle says:

    With such talent and a gift blessed upon you, i tell you this. Your blog will go so so far. Prosper in success for this writings you bring forth are really a rarity, one of a kind! – Cezane


  3. kashafS says:

    You have no idea how just one comment could make your day! thank you so much for all the love, with such support, i am sure to prosper. All the credits to you followers and likers!!
    Thanks once again!

    Liked by 1 person

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