A mere few weeks in the house, summer had taken over the soft mattresses, couches and sofas, leaving me with the cool tiles and marble floors. She had eaten up all my favorite heavy foods- eggs, fats, meat and I went back to fruits and yogurt! She refused to switch off the fans and air conditioners, coolers and refrigerators.

She did find slumber at nights. That is when I let the cool breeze sneak in and we had fun. I loved those times, star gazing, dreaming and fantasizing. But the mornings were just as bad. Summer had created smoky mirages everywhere and the sun made it difficult for me to even open my eyes. Together, they had bullied the children out of playgrounds. They brought rivers of sweat and tiredness to the hard working.

Summer and sun had soaked us all.


Single? do not worry, it comes with a list of pros:


Feeling gloomy? help yourself!:



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