That day, it started.

My house was called “the equatorial” It was suddenly unbearably hot. I knew what was about to happen. And it did.

The doorbell rang. It ringed in my ears like an echo. My brains jingled at the sound. Relenting, I walked over to the front door. Smiling into the door eye was summer. I saw the gifts it had for me. Mangoes. Vacations. Picnics. But I did not fail to recognize the evil smile. The one which always came with pranks. Sure it had lovely gifts, but I knew that something unwanted was hidden in the depths of those curved lips.

I did open the door and let her in. she was my step sister after all. Having just the flamboyance, brightness like me. She handed me those gifts and I saw that she came along with my step-brother.

The sun.

I usually enjoyed his company, when he was not with summer. When we had time to ourselves. When he listened to my commands. But like this day, when he came along with summer, I hated him. He shined so brightly and hot, it tired me. He was out of control. It made me sick. Took away all the energy.

All I wished was if I could only take the gifts from summer and never let her in my house. I could not! I was only too sweet to have done such a thing. But I do wish she leaves soon.

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