The storm was devastating, it pulled away the deepest roots, it did not last but it took everything away it turned away the fragile footsteps, the shattering insides echoed loud. Everything was blurred and forgotten. The winds took away everyone and left me alone, cold.

Isn’t that what I wanted? To be alone? Now I was. There was an eerie silence that followed the deafening echoes. The sound of breaking had left my ears numb. The wind swept away all the warmth, the storm cleared every color, and somewhere far there was smoke. I could see that smoke from the fire that was inside me. The smoke that was eager to burn into flames and not ashes, not so soon. I could see the glittering spark, but way too far. It did not help me with this cold, it did not fight. It only stared back at me like a ghost of fire. For once, it was only quiet. Everything else was too.

Cold, quiet, dark and dry.

Tears, only at the end of my eye.

The stinging acid and the bitterness of no words. The taste of not speaking. The little sounds of pieces falling down, falling deeper to the skin, into it. Piercing and scarring, the mind, the soul, the body…….

It was a storm. It was heartbreak.

Daily Prompt: Storm


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