Some of those thoughts, the ones we think in the middle of the night, make us desperately pity ourselves. We never want to cry, but the cold, sour tears running down the cheeks made us cry more.

The tears falling faster and larger, with no one to wipe those, makes those come in more.

The times we had to hush our sobs instead of someone hushing our feelings, made us cry more.

People always claimed to be there for us, when we needed them. But, we were alone, and that made us cry more.

The people we no more speak with, but still miss at such times, and wondering if they ever even bothered about our existence (maybe not) made us cry more.

Because we have a lot of love to give away, but no one to give it to, made us cry more.

The dear people who never understood our love made us cry more.

The reason for crying at first being lost amongst the thoughts that followed made us cry more.

Yes, we had hopes, we trusted, but the fear of being betrayed again, made us cry more.


Daily Prompt: Depth

As deep as you can think….


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