Trust a person and show them that you’re at your weakest point. Tell them that whatever they did affected you, before you trusted them, and they get this feeling of power. They understand that weak spot very well, and use it to satisfy their ego. They make you run after them, before they know it … Continue reading War

Is there love?

  How do you ask for love? How do you not beg for your dreams to come true, After everything you have gone through, How do you keep letting yourself back in the black hole of emptiness, Where you scream and shout and hurt every inch of your skin, That dies for some love, some … Continue reading Is there love?

To all the friends that I lost before

The other day, while scrolling through Instagram, I realized why people say that social media can both be a boon and a bane. It hasn’t felt like a boon in the past few months what with all the disturbing news flying around, but especially since the last 2 days, it has been hell for me … Continue reading To all the friends that I lost before

Leave Note

No more Formal Letters. I wish I could die. I think this every day. I stay numb for hours. I wish to not wake up the next morning when I sleep so that I don’t feel the heavy weight on my chest. I wish I would not have to see people, work without any motivation … Continue reading Leave Note


Hope. You all asked me to hope for good, to have faith, in me, in future. How could I have faith in something that kept deceiving me in the past. I always dreamt big, like you asked me to. I even worked hard for it, at least I think I did. Regardless of the monsters … Continue reading Wonderland?

A sonnet.

I didn’t know if I could ever go back to poetry, To the homeliness of a beautiful metaphor, Can I pen down my thoughts anymore Or ever find another simile? Every time I feel a blank in my head, I panic. Every moment that I pause, I feel so sick, Every word I write, I … Continue reading A sonnet.

It’s all in your head!

So what exactly is in my head? More than a year ago, I had posted an analysis-cum-confession on this very blog (it was deleted due to (vague-adjective) reasons). I am proud today, while I read it, that I had the stomach to post such a difficult confession up for the world to see. And now … Continue reading It’s all in your head!

The Blinking Cursor

She drowned the Valium down the throat, her head tingling with ideas but none of them in focus. She was ready to write the end of her book this morning. But now suddenly, everything just went blank. Her reddening eyes were wrinkled at the corners with the effort to focus, her head was throbbing, and … Continue reading The Blinking Cursor


Their legs hung over the edge of the cliff, teasing each other, giggling and throwing back their heads in laughter, the air cleansing their souls, and the echoes ringing in their ears, it was all so pure. The birds were about to fly back to their nests, the air had become cooler, and the clouds … Continue reading Silence

She Woke Up Long Back!

She woke up long back, Fighting the very first light, Rubbing her eyes, Hiding under the quilt, Avoiding the noise and light. She had been young for long, It was time for her to be strong. She worked her way up, Knowing not what was right or wrong But she learned, After all she was … Continue reading She Woke Up Long Back!